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In the garden, de-constructed rhododendron blossoms, scattered on the leaves of the shrubs by rain and breeze. An assortment of bees and wasps mob the broken blooms.

Snow Geese

Jan. 5th, 2010 10:11 am
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On today's trek around the park, I found the place had been visited by migrating flocks of snow geese. Can those suckers poop up a storm! Made me step lightly, I can tell you!


May. 30th, 2009 09:58 pm
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Looking through the door of the study, I can see the blossoms of the rhododendron. Even in the dark they are still clearly purple.
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  • Heading out the door for my morning walk/trek, I could hear a loud banging and snarling coming from the area of the trash bins. Went to check, and found a raccoon inside a nearly empty bin, too small to get out. He or she wasn't pleased about the predicament. I returned to the house and found an old chunk of wooden lattice, took it out to the bin. Dropped in, leaned up against the side, the lattice offered a ladder-like convenience. I was impressed at how quickly the raccoon figured this out, and he trotted up the 'ladder' to freedom.
  • Stopped into a spiffy new garden centre after brunch, looking for basil and the makings for a hanging basket. I like these places, always feel zoned out. Puts me into a completely different head space, all good.

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I'm finding it harder to move around the yard, with the grass growing high. I was just thinking that this little corner of the housing estate used to have such pride, well kept by knowledgeable people. It is sad how things can slip away.
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A trilling robin offers us our pre-third meal news.


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