Thinking about the orangeness of Trump. It came to mind the time my Dad was into tanning gimmicks. First he tried this product called QT (Quick Tan), a lotion that one rubs on. Problem was he didn't do it right, and came out a variety of tones, in swirly designs. Then he started taking tanning pills, which rendered him a uniform brick orange.

That was one strange colour, for a dentist.
A great fire to commemorate the anniversary of the Great Fire of London was performed on the Thames.
Donald Trump statues unveiled as saucy art installation series spanning several cities.
From British paper, The Telegraph.

"SIR – The way to avoid slopping a full pint glass is to slide it carefully to the edge of the bar, where you can then lower your lips to sip enough of the contents to allow it to be carried.
This looks ungainly. If in select company, however, you wouldn’t have ordered the sort of drink which comes in a pint glass anyway.

Phillip Crossland Driffield, East Yorkshire"
Pagan Pride busted out today in the Comox Valley!

Once again, I saw hair of every possible colour. I couldn't unsee tie-dyed clothes, all the way from t-shirts to sarongs to one-piece underwear. Fairy wings and fake flower garlands and unicorn horns on girls.

Chakras were being thoroughly laundered. Patrons of a service were being absolutely vibrated.

A folk singer who wrestled with channelling Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush.She was pretty good, I must admit, but kept me guessing.

I was pleased to see that Heathens were represented by The Troth at a booth/table/place by the Syrian food truck.

It was a good day. If that singer is present next year, and grooving, I may take over the open space in front of the stage and start dancing. If so, I may post video.
I still think Donald ought to have picked Gene Simmons as VP. The Donald and The Demon, has a ring to it.
I'm bemused at how people classify what (really, little) they know about the orientations of other people. Example, if you have a guy who has never been known to have had a 'girlfriend', or never had a 'successful' relationship with a woman, he's dropped into the file marked Gay.

Why, he must be gay! That's all there is to it!
--> Why do parents, particularly male parents, have to address infants in a squeaky toned, make-up language? I see it time and again on You Tube vlogs, and I reach for the Stop button speedy quick.

--> A snarky piece on chihuahuas:
Trump keeps saying, "...believe me...", and I don't.
Today, I saw one of those message signs done up old-fashioned looking, emblazoned with the thoughtlet:

"Dreams won't work unless you do."

Smart people know this.


May. 12th, 2016 08:35 pm
Just read in an article of what a "darkroom" is in the worlds of gays. A sort of sex playroom, I assume adjunct to bars. I was expecting to read about developing photos! Heh...
This afternoon, I was in attendance at the blood donation clinic, first time in over thirty years. Got partway through the screening process, we reviewed my meds list, and I was disqualified on basis of two of my meds. Since I'm on them permanently, that's it for me.
A few things I want my heathenry to be/avoid:

I want to stay away from being 'churchy'. I'm awful at rituals, terrible about pounding 'carved in stone' aspects of religious observance. I'm not keen on trudging through the act of hallowing any sort of gift to the gods, and maintaining a stand-alone ritual space makes me itch.

I am not into being critical of other religions. We can all improve our relationship with what's numinous, perhaps by toeing the line, or else loosening our underpants.

I really like the idea of informal observances, but am aware that things can get so laid back, I could ask myself 'why bother'? Or, 'why even call it a religious view'? I continue to wrassle with defining this better.

It's all a work in progress. I reckon that if it gets to the point where all the questions are answered, then it's time to take up collecting swizzle-sticks.
 I'm wondering, is there a medical slang term for people who seem to make a career from collecting medical opinions on problems they may/may not actually have, and refusing to believe the doctors are doing all they can? Further, they are convinced they aren't being taken as seriously as they feel they should be, despite the best efforts of the medical folks? I've thought of 'high maintenance', but that'd be both obvious and tame! ;)
This from Dear Prudence at

"Dear Prudence,

My sister won’t speak to me because I taught her daughter a naughty word. I was playing Scrabble with my 8-year-old niece, who is very smart. She always kills me when we play and it’s kind of embarrassing for me. But this one game was close. I had the opportunity to play all my letters to spell “fellatio” ensuring I’d win the game. I thought a bit about whether I should play this word or just lose graciously. Pride got the better of me and I played the word. My niece didn’t believe it was a word and looked it up in the dictionary. This lead to numerous questions about sex that I wasn’t prepared for. So I told her to ask her mother. When my sister found out what I’d done she hit the ceiling. She was furious at me that I’d taught her this word. Now she won’t speak with me. I’ve considered apologizing but I don’t think I did anything wrong. She would have learned the word eventually anyway. When I was a kid, I learned far worse words younger than that.

Bud! Fellatio is only 11 points in Scrabble! Even with the 50-point bonus for using all of your tiles, this was the wrong hill to die on. It is a bad idea to teach your 8-year-old niece about blow jobs, no matter how much you thought you knew about oral sex when you were a kid. (For everyone who doesn’t believe Scrabble can lead to a situation like this: Play with my family sometime.) I admire your commitment to winning and share your salt-the-earth strategy when it comes to gamesmanship, but you should know better. Apologize to your sister, and don’t play Scrabble with your niece again."

The 'Pageant of Life' rolls on!


 How long would it take for vampires to exterminate humankind? The math has been done!
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